Sarah’s Trip (Room 1 Teacher)


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Our next door neighbour, Sarah is going on a special trip with her mum to Gallipoli for ANZAC day.

We will be following her trip by looking at her blog. We will also be doing some of her ANZAC activities and reading some of her picture books.

If you would like to keep updated on her trip please click on the link below.




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This week we are learning about time. We are learning to name, identify and order the days of the week and months of the year.

We are singing lots of songs and playing games including:

A free interactive game for the computer is on the Roy the Zebra website. This website has a range of free and paid games including identifying where to put capital letters and full stops in sentences.

Days of the week:

Months of the year:


Location and Position


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This week in Mathematics we have been learning about location and position.

We brainstormed a list of words and gave and followed instructions to move our bodies around the room. Such as through, under, between, behind, in front, in, on and out.

We read and listened to stories including Rosie’s Walk and We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. We were all able to identify the location and position words in the stories. Below are the links for the stories.’s%20Walk

One of our favourite activities was going outside and taking photos of ourselves in different locations. We used all of the photos to make a class book. Here are some of the photos…..can you work out the location or position for each photo?

DSCN1572 DSCN1576 DSCN1578 DSCN1583 DSCN1585 DSCN1586 DSCN1587 DSCN1589 DSCN1591 DSCN1592 DSCN1593 DSCN1594


Western Water Incursion


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This morning we had a Western Water incursion which is provided free to schools and kindergartens by Western Water.

Jackie spent 45 minutes with us teaching us about water and the water cycle.

We learnt the importance of saving water and learnt about the Western Water mascot ‘Sammy the Snake’. We looked at the difference between old nozzles on hoses and water saving nozzles.

We discussed the different uses of water and learnt that it is very important. We use it for so many things including drinking, cleaning, washing, helping plants grow and to make things including cars and plastic.

The water cycle is very interesting. Water evaporates into water vapour and goes high into the sky to make clouds. Then it gets cold and the vapour turns back into a liquid as rain. It if gets really cold it can freeze and become snow or hail. It then keeps going around in a cycle.

We listened to a story about the water cycle and then acted it out using costumes.

Below are some photos from our play.


Clean Up Australia Day


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Today we took part in Clean Up Australia Day. Each year, Clean Up Australia Day is on the 1st Sunday in March. As we won’t be at school on Monday all school’s do it the Friday prior.

We spent 15 minutes cleaning up the yard around our classroom, the canteen, prep playground, basketball court and oval. We found all sorts of rubbish… wrappers, paper, straws, food scraps and even some broken toys.

After we cleaned up the yard we spent some time discussing why it is important to keep our country clean. We watched some videos and played a game. We talked about what we can and can’t recycle and where rubbish can go when we drop it on the ground.

The game is an interactive game about cleaning a river. If you would like to play at home the link is:

Will you be helping to Clean Up Australia on Sunday?

Mailbox Walk


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This Friday (27th February) we will be walking to our local mailbox on Phillip Drive. We will be posting letters to invite our ‘Special Person’ to visit us on Wednesday the 11th of March.

If you haven’t returned your addressed envelope with a stamp can you please send it tomorrow. Also if you haven’t returned the local excursion permission note you child will be unable to come on the walk so please send that tomorrow too.

I will post some photos from the walk on Friday afternoon.



Mathematics: Shape


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This week we are learning about 2D Shapes including squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, ovals and diamonds. We are learning to recognise and name the shapes as well as identify how many sides and corners each shape has.

The students have been enjoying playing a shape game on the computers (Rainforest Maths), sorting shapes into groups, rolling dice and matching the number of dots to the number of sides on a shape and playing Mystery Shape (asking questions to work out what the hidden shape is).

The students have also enjoyed learning the shapes by watching the videos below.

Activity for home: Go on a shape hunt – naming and counting the sides on the shapes in your home (for example, dvds, tiles, doors etc)

Morning Community Circle


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Sorry it has been so long between posts. We have learning so much that I have had time to write a post.

Each morning our class (and all classes in the school) take part in a Community Circle. The Community Circle aims to prepare the students for the day and develop their oral language skills.

Within the Community Circle we discuss the events of the day, revise what we learnt the day prior, complete our daily calendar and go around the circle giving each student the opportunity to share (based on a question or topic posed by the teacher).

In Prep, we are also learning the days of the week and months of the year. We generally do this by singing songs – which I have posted below for you to practise at home.

Rights and Responsibilities


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This week the students have been focusing on learning the Rights and Responsibilities of our School.

At Killara Primary School we have 2 Rights and 2 Responsibilities.

They are:

We all have the right to feel safe and comfortable.

We all have the right to do as much work as possible.

We have a responsibility to do the right thing.

We have a responsibility to encourage others to do the right thing

We will taking part in some role plays and taking photos in the next few days so stay tuned!

Welcome to Prep B’s Blog 2015


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Hi everyone and welcome back to school. This blog will now be for the new Prep B but you are welcome to continue to visit and see what we are doing.

Wow! Yesterday was our first day of school and what an amazing day we had!

Everyone was brave and excited and took the big step to come into our classroom ready to learn. We are going to have a great year and become lifelong learners.

We played some games and had fun making new friends. We also learnt about our Rights and Responsibilities inside and outside the classroom. We traced letters, coloured in, glued squares and even learnt how to use our whole body to listen. By the end of the day everyone was a bit tired but I was so proud of every single person! What superstars!

I am looking forward to a great year ahead!

Miss Douglas 🙂

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