Mother’s Day Writing


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This morning we discussed the lovely day we spent with our Mother’s yesterday. We had a go at writing a power of 3 sentence about our mum’s – thinking of 3 adjectives or 3 things we love about our mum!

Here are some of the sentences:

Charlotte – My mum is funny, smart and pretty.

Samuel – My mum is pretty, fun and nice.

Luca – My mum is pretty, nice and sparkly.

Ella – My mum is pretty, long and helpful.

Isabella M – My mum is funny, friendly and beautiful.

Willow – My mum is cute, cheeky and kind.

Archie – My mum is pretty, nice and friendly.

Dougie – My mum is funny, brave and can bake.

Ilija – My mum is caring, clever and funny.



Powerful Writing


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We have been learning about using ‘powerful writing’ strategies during our writing sessions to make our writing more interesting. Today we focused on writing a ‘sizzling start’. We looked at a photo of a Hippopotamus and brainstormed as many descriptive words as we could. We then watched a short video of a baby hippopotamus and added to our list.

You can watch the video here:

Here are some of our sizzling starts:

Natalie: Splash the hippopotamus went in the water. He swam and swam.

Eli: The hippopotamus went splish, splash.

Hannah W – The hippopotamus is grey, he lives at the zoo.

Riley: The hippopotamus can swim in the creek.

Stay tuned for more sample of our writing.


The Power of 3


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We have been learning about using the ‘Power of 3’ in our writing to make it more descriptive and to share our images and ideas more effectively.

We are aiming to paint a picture in the audience’s mind when they read our sentences.

Today the students looked a picture of three duckling to give them some inspiration.

Here are some of their sentences:

Natalie: The ducklings are cute, yellow and clean.

Yorke: The ducklings are fluffy, small and loud.

Eli: The ducklings are fluffy, soft and clean.

Jacqueline: The ducklings are stinky, noisy and loud.

Alicia: The ducklings are cute, fluffy and yellow.

Riley: The ducklings are yellow, loud and clean.

Nicholas: The ducklings are yellow, stinky and quacking.

Charli: The ducklings are clean, loud and small.

Can you write a ‘power of 3’ sentence about ducklings?





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Today we learnt all about similes. We surprised Miss Douglas and Simone because we did such a great job and it was our first time!!

Here are some of our amazing similes!!


Can you think of any other similes? Write them in the comments for us to see ūüôā

Sizzling Starts


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We have been learning to make our writing interesting by writing a ‘sizzling start’. Today we wrote about a beautiful Spring day because we are all excited about the season changing on Monday.

We know that sizzling starts make the reader want to keep reading.

Here are some of our amazing sizzling starts:

Sarah – The green grass is long. The flowers are beautiful. It is a nice Spring day.

Rhys – I’m in the flowers. The grass is a little bit yellow. The sun is up.

Maddison – I can hear the birds chirping. I can smell the roses.

Fletcher – The bright, green grass is soft. The sun is nice and shiny.

What do you think of our sizzling starts?

Reading Eggs


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We really enjoy using Reading Eggs at school. We get to get to learn about letters, digraphs and words and play lots of fun games.

Did you know you can play Reading Eggs at home? If you have lost your username and password please see Miss Douglas.

The website is:

Here is what some students have to say about Reading Eggs:

Chloe – “I like when you have to tap the words on the eggs to get more eggs”

Sarah – “I like when you have to click on the letters”

Ben – “I like learning more sounds, letters and words”

Maddison – “I like when you have¬†to click on the sight words”

Bailey – “I like learning¬†about letters and sounds”

Vizantay – “I like clicking on the words”

Natalie – “I like sounding out words”

Fletcher – “I like dressing up my bird”

Rhys – “I like getting up to different levels and getting higher on the maps – the higher you get the more challenging the words”

Jacqueline – “I like learning new words”

What do you like about Reading Eggs?


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