Drug Education Rotation Day


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Today we participated in a rotation day to learnt about how to be safe. We spent a session with each Prep teacher learning about a different aspect of safety and drug education.

In room 1 we learnt about stranger danger and who we can ask if we need help. In room 2 we learnt about syringe and needle safety. In room 3 we learnt about medicine safety. In room 4 we learnt about 000 and emergencies.

At the end of the day we did a reflection and talked about what we learnt and ‘what stuck with us’.

Here are our responses:

Archie – how to get help if you see a stranger

Ilija – when there is a fire you call the fireman – 000

Douglas – there is an emergency number – 000

Kody – to call 000 if there is an emergency

Maya N – if we find something that is dangerous we don’t touch it, we go and find an adult

Maya W – not to go near a needle, lots of people think it is just a texts

Isabella M – do not touch other people’s medicine

Lincoln – how to be safe around needles

Ella – some medicine is dangerous

Mansehaj – don’t touch anyone’s medicine

Amelia – if we stuck somewhere we call the police to help us – 000

Luca – firemen can help you put out fires – call 000

Samuel – don’t take other people’s medicine

Willow – if you find a needles, don’t pick it up. Find a parent to help.

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