Save the Gorillas Please!


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Prep A and Prep B need your help to save the gorillas. People are chopping down all of their trees to get the rocks (coltan & tantalum). These rocks are used to make our mobile phones.

We want to stop the people chopping down the trees and keep the gorillas alive. We don’t want the gorillas to be extinct.


If you have an old phone, bring it to school (or the Melbourne Zoo) we will recycle the phones. This will stop the gorilla habitat from being chopped down. Bring your old phone to the Gorilla Box at the Office.

Thank you for your help.

If you would liek to find out more about this great cause, click the picture below:

Miss Douglas Got Married!


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As many of you will know, Miss Douglas is away at the moment on her honeymoon with Mat. We were very excited to receive some photos from her wedding. She looks so happy and we can’t wait to hear of her adventures in Europe! Stay posted for more details :)

Drug Education Rotation Day


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Today we participated in a rotation day to learnt about how to be safe. We spent a session with each Prep teacher learning about a different aspect of safety and drug education.

In room 1 we learnt about stranger danger and who we can ask if we need help. In room 2 we learnt about syringe and needle safety. In room 3 we learnt about medicine safety. In room 4 we learnt about 000 and emergencies.

At the end of the day we did a reflection and talked about what we learnt and ‘what stuck with us’.

Here are our responses:

Archie – how to get help if you see a stranger

Ilija – when there is a fire you call the fireman – 000

Douglas – there is an emergency number – 000

Kody – to call 000 if there is an emergency

Maya N – if we find something that is dangerous we don’t touch it, we go and find an adult

Maya W – not to go near a needle, lots of people think it is just a texts

Isabella M – do not touch other people’s medicine

Lincoln – how to be safe around needles

Ella – some medicine is dangerous

Mansehaj – don’t touch anyone’s medicine

Amelia – if we stuck somewhere we call the police to help us – 000

Luca – firemen can help you put out fires – call 000

Samuel – don’t take other people’s medicine

Willow – if you find a needles, don’t pick it up. Find a parent to help.

Pyjama Day


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Today we wore our pyjamas to school to raise money for the Pyjama Foundation. This foundation gives foster kids the chance to find their wings and reach their potential despite their difficult start.


We are very eager to find out how much we raised as a school!


Killara Family Science Night


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Killara’s Family Science Night is approaching us very quickly.
On Wednesday 19th August we invite everyone to a fun night of “Making Waves – The Science of Light”.
In order to make this night a huge success we ask for your participation in donating a range of resources. We request that these items are thoroughly cleaned and in good condition:
Empty cans, plastic bottles, clear plastic and foam cups, plastic straws, icy-pole sticks, toothpicks, cling wrap cylinders, small and large paper plates, zip-locked bags, googly eyes, pom poms, balloons, fishing line and rubber bands.
Thank you all for your help.

Premier’s Reading Challenge


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We are well and truly underway with the Premier’s Reading Challenge but we still have lots of time to read and add books. The challenge runs until September 14th so as a class we have set ourselves a challenge to read 100 books by then! So far we have read 32!

Please keep logging the books you read at home and lets see how quickly we can achieve the challenge. (*if you are having trouble logging on, please see me)

The website is:

Don’t forget there are fortnightly draws to win prizes at assembly and the Prep that reads the most books during the challenge wins a prize as well!

Happy reading 🙂

Mother’s Day Writing


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This morning we discussed the lovely day we spent with our Mother’s yesterday. We had a go at writing a power of 3 sentence about our mum’s – thinking of 3 adjectives or 3 things we love about our mum!

Here are some of the sentences:

Charlotte – My mum is funny, smart and pretty.

Samuel – My mum is pretty, fun and nice.

Luca – My mum is pretty, nice and sparkly.

Ella – My mum is pretty, long and helpful.

Isabella M – My mum is funny, friendly and beautiful.

Willow – My mum is cute, cheeky and kind.

Archie – My mum is pretty, nice and friendly.

Dougie – My mum is funny, brave and can bake.

Ilija – My mum is caring, clever and funny.



Mother’s Day Stall


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A reminder that the Mother’s Day Stall is tomorrow. Gifts will range from 50 cents to $10.

Please send your child’s money is a named envelope or sandwich bag.

Other notes that are currently due are:

-Premier’s Reading Challenge permission note

-Alpha Production (Hercules) permission note and money

– Billy Carts permission note and money

Thank you 🙂

Missing Tooth


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Last week while I was on 5/6 camp someone in the class lost their tooth and the teacher found it on the floor.

I have spent the last few days asking the students but no one knows who it belongs to.

If your child has lost their tooth and didn’t bring the tooth home please come and see me as I still have it.



Inquiry – Materials in Motion


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Welcome back to Term 2! Sorry it has been so long between posts!

This term we will be learning about ‘Materials in Motion’.

Through this unit we will be developing our understanding of materials and their properties as well as how these properties affect the way they move. We will build on our understandings through investigations and experiments within the school which will enable us to explore our environment, man-made and natural objects.

Today we looked at three different materials and brainstormed lots of uses. Below are some of our examples.


  • tables and chairs
  • shelves
  • cupboards
  • the inside of houses
  • a rocking horse


  • bags
  • bottles
  • toys
  • containers
  • cups


  • parts of cars
  • keys
  • coins
  • buckles
  • part of scissors

Can you think of anything else? Comment below 🙂

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